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             Trauma & PTSD

When discussing addiction, anxiety, depression and many issues, we must address the trauma. It is often the underlying variable in many conditions.


When we experience trauma and suffer from PTSD, the nervous system is thrown out of balance, thrusting the individual into a chronic “fight or flight” state. Cortisol, the stress hormone sky rockets. The result is feeling constantly on edge, like something bad will happen and constant worry that the traumas will re-surface or that they seemingly have never gone away. 

Our treatments and therapies help the body to to self regulate, get to the source of the issues, and help to re-balance the nervous system.


For Trauma, addictions and mental health, we have developed a technique called Mind Body Awareness. This is used to consciously tap into the subconscious and nervous system to release the traumas and anxieties that are plaguing us. We are actively teaching people to engage in this technique on their own. Contact us to request a free consultation to see if this is right for you.