Everything is connected and interrelated.
Symptoms are not random or isolated. Rather, they   are part of a greater picture, which makes up each person's unique constitution.
The holistic approach we follow connects the parts to the whole. Thereby treating the entire person, not just a collection of symptoms.

Mindfulness Meditation



Using sound, breath, and visualization

Helps calms the mind, reduces stress, anxiety Helps us become more present, Grounded,  & Integrated. 

Sound helps facilitate meditation 

connecting breath and body

learn techniques you can use any time on your own.

Good for people of all ages and backgrounds

Bring a friend & share your experiences

Body Mind Integration & Transformation


-Music, sound, guided meditation and visualization, breath-work   to enter a gentle meditative state. To tap in, access, and unlock the healing potential within. 

-Clearing the blockages, energetic, physical, mental-emotional, akashic,

-Transforming wounding into sources of empowerment. 

-Flower essences are uniquely made for each individual

-This knowledge has been shared from the ancient peoples of the planet.

The Lion’s Path 

For Integration & Self Transformation 


Begin with an intention. 

How do you wish to grow?

How is your heart calling you forward? 

What is there to release, forgive and surrender?

What are the pieces of the puzzle you would like to connect for yourself?


Using breathwork, sound, visualization to tap into your innate nature, for self healing, balance and transformation. Offered in classes and private sessions

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