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               Mind Body Awareness


Mind Body Awareness is a healing modality used for Trauma, PTSD and Addiction, which Michael developed as he sought to help heal the root causes of imbalances.


By focusing on the sensations of the body, we can tap into the realm of metaphor and symbolism, which connects us to the subconscious.

Examples of reaching metaphor include: "This Pain Feels Like a Knife". "This Feels like a thick grey cloud over me."

When we can access these sensations, we have tapped into the subconscious, thus connecting Mind-Body. Doing so gives us a key to self balance, healing and transformation.  This technique has been so effective for us we are now teaching people to engage in this process, both in and out of the sessions.

This allows a person to open up to the unlimited possibilities of their unique gifts, creativity, heart's desire and potential. This is very beneficial  when no other therapies have worked or have only worked partially. 

It is available as a distant healing session over the phone or internet and does not need to be in the same physical location.