“Michael is so wonderful at his craft. From his gentle and effective acupuncture, amazing intuitive guidance to his beautiful sound healing, he is the ultimate package. He has truly been a huge help to healing me in many areas much needed in my life. I always look forward to my visit with him.

I highly suggest Michael to everyone and any one looking for an assisted personal healing throughout your journey of life, as well as to anyone just simply looking for a stress reliever and/or total relaxation. Michael is such a beautiful and gifted soul. You will not be disappointed.”

                                                   -Jamila J

My daughters hair stopped falling out and your advice on having more one on one time with her and working on our emotional side was one of the things that I think helped the most. It was a big part of my daughter getting well again.”   

                                                 -Giuliana B

“Michael takes the time to listen and hear you, which helps him provide the very best and most accurate acupuncture treatment around. He is very skilled, very wise, and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him"                                                                                                                   -C.B. K

I have been a client of Michael and I can honestly say I am very grateful for his help. For all the knowledge, the care and the healing hands. I highly recommend him as I feel much better, I have more energy and feel more healthy.
                                                         -Elias L

“I received treatments from Michael when healing from an illness with severe symptoms. I always felt much better after every treatment. Not only were his treatments gentle and very effective, Michael is an intuitive practitioner with quite a calming presence. I always looked forward to my sessions with him, and felt I was in excellent care. I would recommend Michael to anyone, he is truly a wonderful and gifted healer!”

                                                    -Rona Y

Michael is a compassionate and gifted healer. His energy is peaceful and gentle and he creates a loving space that prepares you to face any difficult emotions you encounter while feeling safe and supported. He takes his time and is really passionate, dedicated and invested in you. His intuition guides the healing and brought a lot of things to light .The healing I experienced was profound. After the session I felt like my soul had gone on vacation and returned refreshed, strengthen, joyful and peaceful. The work Michael facilitates is priceless. A sessions with Michael is a beautiful gift to give yourself and I recommend him to anyone who is ready to make positive shifts and healing in their lives. I feel blessed and grateful to be working with him. Love & Light                                                                -Monica M

I booked a few sessions with Michael for acupuncture and magnet therapy.  The experience was relaxing and I felt great afterwards. I had pain in my back and neck from working at my desk job and that was relieved after the sessions. Will book soon. Thanks!

                                                  -Jeremie L

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