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Tools For Improving Mental Health

May 21, 2019

Mental Health is such an important topic lately and we are realizing the need to address it and help ourselves and each other in unique ways. Most of us did not grow up talking about mental health freely, so we’re all doing the best we can on the fly, with what tools we have available to us.  Most of us did not grow up talking about mental health freely, so we’re all doing the best we can on the fly, with what tools we have available to us. By addressing the issues from the source of them and learning techniques to tap into the subconscious, we can become the stewards of our mental health.


Rather than focusing on all the issues we are facing, I’m going to point out some of the important tools to use and the the corresponding systems of the body. They are not in any order, but are all important factors. These Include-   1. Managing Stress, 2. Healthy Immune- Digestion System, 3. Hormones & Endocrine System and 4. Heart - Mind. In this entry, we’ll focus on stress management and the following entries will focus on the other topics.


  1. Managing Stress

    1. Stress is part of life, how we handle it is what matters.

    2. Remember to spend time outdoors, nature is filled with negative ions, which have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Drink plenty of water, to flush and cleanse the body.

    3. Exercise is important. Exercise helps boost oxygen rich blood into the blood stream, which improves vitality and a clear mind.

    4. Healthy Digestion- gives us the necessary nutrients and vitamins the body needs to have health in the body and mind, and contributes to the health of the nervous, immune, endocrine and circulatory systems. It’s not only what we’re eating, but how well the body is able to metabolize it. Fresh ginger tea in the morning is a great way to kick start the digestive system.

    5. Let It Go!- Learning healthy tools to tap into the subconscious, and releasing the traumas and unresolved processes. We are now teaching people this process both in and outside of the session.

Our treatments and therapies, which consist of acupuncture, herbal medicine and mindfullness practices address the issue at the source, by communicating with the nervous and immune systems. This allows us to self balance and heal from the source of the issues. By learning techniques to tap into the subconscious, we are addressing the underlying sources of our issues in a very effective way, that anyone can learn! Send us a message if you have any questions, want to learn more or request a free consultation (in person or distance).




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