• Michael Maniloff

Trauma Stored In The Body

Natural & Effective Treatment for PTSD.

PTSD is the experience of recurring stress episodes, following a traumatic experience.

It is often difficult to treat with medicine or in therapy, because it is not tangible. There is no "disease". There is nothing to kill with antibiotics or similar therapies. It is more mysterious. It comes like a breeze, leaves an impact, and vanishes. Symptoms are experienced, but where is it? It is stored in the central nervous system and in the cellular memory. This may impact the way we think, feel, relate and move through the world. Sometimes talk therapy is helpful, and sometimes it isn’t. For healing to occur, we need access the CNS.

My experience treating PTSD, with holistic medicine has shown me the way to heal PTSD is through accessing the pathways of the Central Nervous System, and the specific areas of the body, which are holding the blockages. We use acupuncture, guided visualization, sound healing, and flower essences. These blockages will often appear in the main physical/energetic centers, organs or chakras. When we tap into these areas where we are feeling this discomfort, we can heal, release and transform the trauma & PTSD. This is a process of transformation and will take some time. But the results will be felt and experienced.

  1. Root Center- Red, Kidneys, Bladder, Lower Spine, Tailbone, Fear, Sexual, Survival, Security

  1. Lower Dan Tien (lower abd)- Orange, Adrenal, Endocrine, Reproductive, Creativity, Sexual, Expression

  1. Solar Plexus- Yellow, Stomach, Pancreas, Liver, Drive, Willpower, Digestion, Assimilation.

  1. Heart- Green, Love, Self-Connection, Anxiety, Family, Community,

  1. High Heart- Turquoise, Individuality, Thymus, Personal connection and expression.

  1. Throat- Blue- Expression, Voice, Thyroid, Throat,

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