• Michael Maniloff

Healing PTSD

Trauma is at the root of most if not all disease. Including depression.

Now more than ever is it important to have therapies, which help heal PTSD and trauma and our ancestral memory. Some indigenous cultures have the knowledge to heal these memories, which are embedded in the nervous system, and in the cellular memory of the DNA. These traumas are not known, but exist nonetheless. When we can ‘sing’ light into those spaces, we can heal that cellular memory, to re-awaken a new, genetic code, within the DNA structure. This is also the message and knowledge of the ancient ones. All of the wisdom cultures have used ceremony, sound, light, and color in their own way. But music, as a healing tool, singing, were almost always, and continue to be, used. Our holistic approach comes from this place, utilizing acupuncture, mind body therapies, and flower essences.

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