• Michael Maniloff

Trauma is The Elephant in the Room

Mental Health is a major topic today. For many years, it was considered taboo to discuss mental health and there was a stigma around being labeled "crazy". As a result, our culture has had very few solutions and treatments to an overwhelmingly common issue. Talk therapy is great, but we need medical approaches that go beyond symptom based medications. Holistic Medicines truly help to bridge that gap, we'll discuss further.

Approximately 300 million people worldwide suffer with depression, and another 300 million suffer with generalized anxiety disorder. Countless experience the effects of PTSD. What can we do to support these people? For one, we need more systems in place which connect people to healthy forms of community, support and other people. Society is too often isolating and set up to keep us apart.

The elephant in the room, regarding Mental health is Trauma. Traumatic experiences leave an imprint in us, which can be difficult to heal from. This imprint is stored in the nervous system and becomes part of our cellular memory and psyche. It replays in our lives week after week and year after year. The same fears, anxieties and worries. The same limitations, stories and miseries.

To heal trauma, we must work to heal the nervous system! By doing so, we can clear the imprints of the traumatic experiences. Thus re-setting the nervous system, so that people are free from these burdens.

With our holistic therapies, we have helped many people heal from trauma. We are also big proponents of patient education, thus empowering others to take their power back. Knowledge is power.

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In Light,

Michael Maniloff, LAc

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