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Mental Emotional Health & Holistic Medicine

We have a serious Mental Health issue in this country. Many people are suffering and we have little traditional methods to help people. Talk therapy is effective, but beyond that, we resort to drugs with a litany of side effects. Holistic therapies, like ours, which work with the body, not against it.

People have felt isolated and separate from healthy connection for so long. Mental health has had a huge stigma for so long, people felt embarrassed to share their struggles, in fear of being judged or perceived as crazy. Healthy community goes a long way to help people heal. In addition, we need to do a better job of educating each other and removing the taboos and stigmas around mental health. There are many causes for Mental Health imbalances, ranging from hormone and brain chemistry imbalances, nervous system dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, traumatic experiences and chronic states of depression and anxiety.

Our holistic treatments and therapies work with the body and help to create natural balance within. Sending signals to the nervous system and brain, the body begins to heal itself. Yoga, meditation, sound, color and light therapies all help to create deep changes on the cellular level.

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In Light,

Michael Maniloff, LAc

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