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Holistic Treatment for AutoImmune In Kitsap, Bremerton

Auto Immune

Autoimmune disorder is a name given to any disease in which the immune system becomes confused and attacks healthy cells in the body, thinking they are a pathogen. The immune system creates inflammation as a normal reaction to stress. When confused, it creates far too much inflammation and harms the body. Some of the diseases that occur as a result of auto immune disorder include hypothyroid (hashimotos) hyperthyroid ( graves disease), rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and MS (multiple sclerosis). In this blog, we’ll discuss conventional treatments as well as how holistic, natural medicine can be effective in treating any number of autoimmune conditions.

Conventional treatments offer little other than to alleviate symptoms. These drugs are called immuno-suppressants, because they suppress the immune system. As a result, the immune system doesn’t create as much inflammation and the body seemingly improves. However, this only suppresses the disease and the problem, temporarily, by pushing it further down. In order for the body to heal and overcome the disease, we must communicate WITH the immune system, so it no longer perceives the healthy cells as a threat. As a result, inflammation reduces and the body begins to heal. It is important to understand that all healing happens with the immune system working in symmetry with the body. Inflammation is not the cause of the issue but only a symptom, because it is only being generated from the immune system firing off.

Healing autoimmune conditions and improving the immune system, immune response to stress is a multi faceted approach and will take several months to several years to fully heal, depending on the person and the severity of the condition. There are several keys to healing this condition and we must be mindful of ourselves and our reactions to stress. It is important to look at food and see which foods are contributing to generating inflammation. We must also acknowledge our thoughts and minds. In what ways have our thoughts contributed to our current condition? What trauma have we suffered that may be contributing as well?

In our practice, we have helped many people overcome autoimmune disorders by using a multidisciplinary approach. Using acupuncture, food therapy nutrition, herbal medicine and transformational breath work. Each person also must do the necessary things to take care of themselves. We help to build a wellness plan with each person, so they have all the tools they need to fully heal themselves.

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