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Healing Seasonal Depression With Natural Medicine in Kitsap, Bremerton

Seasonal Depression is a very common ailment, where people become depressed in the winter time. This is especially common in the Pacific Northwest, like Kitsap county and Bremerton. In the winter, there is less exposure to light, which for many means lower mood, weaker immune system and low energy levels. For many people, It is severe enough to be considered depression. In this blog we’ll go over some natural ways to improve this condition and my experience and success treating seasonal depression with holistic medicines, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy and light therapy.

There are a few main systems of the body which play an important part in improving seasonal depression. When they are out of balance, mood drops and depression is more common. These systems are 1, the respiratory / immune system. 2, The digestive system and 3, adrenal & endocrine system. Symptoms in these systems may be marked by propensity to 1, catch colds and allergies, 2, poor appetite, chronic fatigue, and loose bowel movements, and 3, chronic lower back, knee pain and extreme exhaustion and propensity to feeling cold “to the bones”.

Holistic medicine, such as Acupuncture and herbal medicine are extremely effective at improving mood and eliminating seasonal depression by helping the body to naturally find balance in those systems of the body. The result is more energy, stronger defenses to fight off virus and bacteria, improved digestion, more vitality and stronger bones. Light therapy is also very useful. Light and Infrared therapies, which are all natural, help to replenish some of the light that the body is missing during these months. Hormones balance out and mood picks up.

There’s a lot we can do at home too, such as exercise, spending time in nature and having ample time for creative pursuits.

Working with the emotional body is very important too. We use a technique called mind body awareness, in which each person is able to feel and see what is bothering them. Once felt, we can release it with intentional breathing. This is technique provides incredible results, that I have seen many people benefit from time and time again.

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