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Healing Postpartum Depression With Holistic Medicine

Postpartum Depression is a common ailment, which affects many women after childbirth. Studies show that one in seven women in the USA experiences postpartum depression. These moms will often feel isolated, alone, and have unstable emotional mood swings. In this blog, we’ll explain some of the causes of postpartum depression and what holistic medicines I have seen make a huge difference to help these moms live more full and happier lives!

Childbirth is supposed to be a magical time for new moms, but unfortunately many women struggle with postpartum depression. The biggest reason for this struggle is excessive loss of blood during delivery. Having a baby is a huge strain on the body. For women who experience difficult labor, excessive blood loss, have a weaker constitution, or are predisposed to mental emotional health issues, postpartum depression is more common. Women who have less support from friends, family, loved ones and their partners are also more susceptible to suffering from postpartum depression. Raising a baby sometimes takes a village.

We have helped many women overcome postpartum depression with natural medicines, such as acupuncture, herbs, nutrition and mind body awareness. Holistic medicine is excellent for the body after childbirth in a number of ways. Acupuncture, Nutrition and herbal support help to replenish the nutrients and blood that the body is missing or has lost during the birthing process.

They help to balances the various systems of the body that are involved in childbirth (Adrenal, Pelvic, Reproductive, Uterus).

Finally, these natural medicines are also excellent at helping to stimulate healthy blood flow. When the blood is circulating smoothly, emotions are calm and tranquil. When the blood is blocked, depression, mania and irritability result. Keeping the blood ample and flowing smoothly is the hallmark of healthy postpartum care.

We have helped many women with postpartum depression using these holistic natural medicines, such as nutritional support, herbs, acupuncture, as well as talking and listening, with a technique we developed called Mind Body Awareness. Mind Body Awareness is a system of healing where we learn to listen to our bodies. When we learn how to do this and use it, we have given ourselves the keys to self healing and transformation. We are passionate about teaching this to our patients.

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