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Healing Anxiety Disorder with Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is the number one mental health issue in the world. It affects nearly 1 in 5 Americans. It is marked by feelings of worry, panic, high levels of stress and a chronic feeling of uneasiness. It may be accompanied with high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, palpitations, chest pain, and elevated heart rate. In this article, I will share my experience and success treating anxiety with holistic medicine, including Acupuncture, herbal medicine, mind body awareness and transformational breath work.

Anxiety disorder may originate from a variety of sources including nutritional deficiencies, nervous system imbalances, chronic stress, worry, fear, poor sleep and traumatic experiences.

Statistics show that 37% of Anxiety is left untreated. This is a sign we need to consider holistic options first and we need to be more open in discussing mental emotional health, which will help to remove the stigma.

In my practice, I found much success treating anxiety disorder using Acupuncture, herbal medicine, sound healing, Mind Body awareness and transformational breathwork. These therapies help to get source of the issues, so we are able to heal and let go. This is very effective, regardless of the origin of the issue.

Acupuncture sends signals to the nervous system and brain, which helps the body mind to balance itself, improves circulation, helps us to rest and relax, which recharges the nervous system, balances dopamine levels, and assists us in letting go of stress and worry.

Herbal Medicine helps to balance our internal chemistry, and mind body awareness with transformational breathwork helps us to get in touch with our blockages and releasing them consciously with the breath.

Talk therapy is also very important and these above therapies i mentioned can help to make talk therapy more effective, by clearing some of the blockages. Acupuncture and these other therapies assists talk therapy by finding it easier to access the parts of ourselves that we need in order to heal.

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In Light,

Michael Maniloff, LAc

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