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The Magic of Sound & Use with Acupuncture

Sound is among the most ancient forms of healing. It is used universally to uplift, transform and unify, both in groups and alone. The indigenous people's of the planet use it to connect with source and channel the love of god.

Music has this incredible way of bypassing the mind and is able to access our emotion. It goes straight to the heart. It's ability to do that makes it so magical and mysterious. From all across the world, you can listen to any piece of music and have access to the heart and core of that individual and perhaps the culture they are expressing from. Many ancient wisdom cultures use healing music in similar ways, and even though the sounds and flavors may be totally different, the common thread is its ability to connect, uplift and transform both the listener and creator(s).

All forms of music and all forms of expression have a place, but in the realm of healing and medicine, it is the sounds expressed in the deepest space of connection and unity, which has the greatest effect. Unity with source, unity with all, and unity with whatever energy the healer is connecting to. The intention may not necessarily be unity, but when most connected, the expression is most pure. Also true, the music expressed from a place of no mind, no thought, no intention, simply letting it flow through, produces some of the greatest effects and energetic shifts to the player and listener.

Look how the ancestors gather around in ceremony with a drum. To connect and transform. There is a tremendous healing when sound is used in that way. There is unity, there is beckoning as a collective for a goal that benefits all in transformation. For me, as a musician and sound healer, I find the best work comes from a blend of being connected and unified with all, while also empty at the same time. Empty of the self and full of the universal self. Oneness. Nothingness. In those moments, the light of source flows through and touches the soul.

In that sense, being an acupuncturist and being a sound healer is one and the same. It takes being open and simply being a vessel of healing energy to come through. To simply allow the notes to come through, allow the needles to be placed in the body in the most appropriate way and location.

In my personal practice, I find that when I incorporate sound healing into an acupuncture session, it really enables the patient to go deeper & quicker as the sounds guide them on an inward journey of peace and rejuvination. It allows the space of no-mind, no-thought to take over, which is the space where the most healing takes place. I also feel that acupuncture can make the sound healing more effective, as the person is open and receiving, the channels are flowing smoothly, and the sound is able to enter deeply within the listener.

The instruments I often use during a session include Native American Flutes, Tongue Drums and Vocal Toning. I find the flutes and drum guide the person on a deep journey more so, while the vocal tones have a way of re-programming the energetic patterns and creating the most harmonious energetic flow in a certain area of the body that needs it, or for the entire being.

To make music and sound healing, I know it has to move me. I understand If I play something and it moves me deeply, someone else will resonate with it similarly. If played for the appeal and affection for others, it falls short of its highest purpose. Often, playing to please others is the egoic part of music, seeking to gain attention by making other’s like it. Of course, we want our music to move others, but we must first allow it to move us and focus the sound inward, not outward. I believe everyone involved in artistic expression must be mindful of that shadow side of expression.

To create healing music or similar kinds of channeled work, one must be able to tap into the unique energy signature of the person, place, or room in which you are conducting the healing work. The signature always depends on who is there, where you are, and all the specific variables that occur. It will be different moment to moment, and must be tapped into for the magic to truly happen.

By connecting to the unique signature, the sound healer feels it, connects to it, and then effortlessly creates sounds that would assist in the greatest way in that unique moment. This is what I mean when I speak of unity. If someone is doing a sound healing and it does not produce much kind of therapeutic effect, and I have felt this before, (assuming it is not on the listener for not being present and allowing themselves to receive) I believe it has to do with how the person is connecting with the unique energy signature of the space. In my experience, the healing has LESS to do with the experience of the player, his / her technical skill & the instrument being used and MORE to do with his ability to perceive and tap into the energy signature of the person or environment in which they are in. Similarly, I have found that the specific instruments being used to create sound healing music are not as important as the energy behind it as much. Surely, there are specific instruments that are used for specific healing techniques and modalities, but more important is finding the ones that allow you to deliver a clear signal, but all of that is for another discussion.

It is my intention that you have gained insight by reading this, if you feel moved to share something or learn more about sound healing and how it may be used with other modalities, such as acupuncture, you may reach me at If you would like to receive a specific sound healing song or vocal tone song, you may reach me there also.

If you would like to listen to my sound healing music, you may do at Moon Bear Healing Arts on Sound Cloud, and if you would like to purchase my album, you may at Band Camp also under Moon Bear Healing Arts.


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