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Pediatric Health & 5 Elements

Children are so sensitive and receptive to the world around. They allow the full expression of their being to come forth. We can clearly see their joy and beauty when they are happy. This is also easily identifiable when there is a stressor and a cry for help. The emotional upset child is a product of his or her environment and it is important to help improve the family and social dynamics as well the physical or emotional manifestations.

By understanding ourselves better, we can better understand how to relate to others. In Chinese Medicine we use the 5 Elements as archetypes, which are various organizing patterns, they are unique ways each of us experiences the world within and around us.

We are all a combination of every type, but one of them predominates our way of being. By knowing our type, as well as our child's type, we are more prepared to see what makes each person tick and what their individual strengths and weaknesses may be. This helps us to balance ourselves the best we can. This information is an understanding of people, using the concepts of Chinese Medicine and put forth so eloquently by Stephen Cowan, MD, in his book "Fire Child, Water Child"

A Wood type child is energetic and lively. They may enjoy climbing on things. They spring into action, they are natural leaders, and pioneers potentially. They can be set in their ways. They are extremely determined, success driven, individualistic, but may need to learn to co operate with others and share better. They may suffer from headaches and neck tension from always being on the go.

A Fire type is the life of the party. Or classroom. They enjoy nothing more than to make others around them laugh and feel comfortable. Sociable, talkative, energetic, they love to share their inner most feelings and are extremely sensitive to their surroundings, They make friends easily and are charismatic. When out of balance, they may become the class clown, seeking attention whatever the cost. They need to learn to be quiet at times, to blend in instead of stand out. They may suffer from insomnia and anxiety from burning too hot.

Earth types are the caregivers, they embody mother energy and love their friends and family dearly. They are complete when they have their love ones around, but may feel insecure and inadequate if their close friends are not around. They are good at being still and content, and tend to be loving and peaceful. They may suffer from digestive issues, gain weight easily and may be prone to lethargy.

Metal type children are governed by rule, order and structure. They like things a certain way and appreciate healthy boundaries. They excel at seeing complex patterns and structures where others may not be able to. They may be prone to being too stiff and inflexible in their ways, and struggle with seeing things from other perspectives. They are loyal and obedient, but may easily suffer from dryness and lung conditions.

Water types live in their own world. They tend to keep to themselves and are happy doing it. They make friends but are not focused on it like earth and fire types. They are deep thinkers, immersed in the wonders of their own minds. They live outside of time and find it difficult living according to clocks. They may be prone to suffer from depression from all of their alone time and may have issues with will power, bed wetting, and lower back pain.

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