• Michael Maniloff

Emotional Health & Wellbeing

To truly be healthy, it is important we understand how our mental state impacts our physical health. Not only are "we are what we eat" but we are also what we think, feel, do and act. Whatever we have experienced in life, leaves an imprint on our being. The more significant the experience, the deeper the impact. This is true for events we would consider to be positive, negative, or neutral. For the negative ones, even if we are no longer bothered anymore, the trauma of the event remains there until it is brought up and cleared. Often times we need to accept and honor the dark spaces and traumas within us, to be able to heal them, let go, and move on with love. If we still blame others, or past circumstances, we cannot heal. We must accept everything as it is first to begin to change our reality.

By clearly seeing our patterns and knowing why we are the way we are, we can accept our flaws and move on with love. We must find the deep strength within to face our shadows to find our sanity. We have all suffered trauma, it is about being strong enough to do the work to come out strong on the other end of it.

Expression and creative energy is one and the same and the more you create and express, the more you can create beauty and abundance in your life in the ways you wish. Access these deep feelings within and express them. Expressing unpleasant feelings is an important way to heal the past. Expressing love and gratitude is one of the most healing gifts we can give ourselves. It is a key to help unlock more of our potential.

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