• Michael Maniloff

Fear as a Teacher

Fear is a beautiful teacher because it shows what you have to go after, how you must use your energy in a pinpoint specific way what is needed to be overcome within oneself. Being brave and diving in fully completely, is truly a blessing. Can i go any deeper?... More fears come up making you weak at the knees to return, to leave the secret untold... Keep going, and diving and climbing deeper and deeper until the pressure subsides to that realization of full potential, bliss, divine bliss. Life is constantly about putting your heart in fully… Putting your deepest heart into all you love and wish to grow.

One of the greatests gifts we can experience is to dive in completely, until you reach a place where you cannot go any further. A breaking point of transformation. So that we may fully experience its blessing and allow ourselves to shift. The exhale. Total undulation in perfect patterned harmony, inhale and exhale, wax and wane, fully letting go now to a new place of contraction, storage, recharge and rejuvination before we begin to grow once more. As life lives to grow & assimilate in new ways and new forms of truth and being. And so it is

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