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Women's Health

Many women struggle with symptoms related to their monthly cycle, hormone imbalances and menopause.  Some of these include cramping, irregular periods, hot flashes or more severe conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, or thyroid imbalances. All of those issues are a symptom of this hormonal system being out of balance. For balance to occur, we must address the whole person, not just relieve the symptoms.



We have found clinically, that a few important things for hormonal balance include finding healthy ways for emotional expression, spending time in nature and creative expression (art, music, dance, singing). As well as eating healthy food, exercising, and getting plenty of water and rest.

Our treatments and therapies (which include acupuncture, herbal, mineral and nutritional medicine, mind body coaching, light therapy etc) address all aspects of the individual to remove symptoms and balance the entire hormonal symptom. Contact us to request a free consultation and see if our proven system of care is for you.