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509 4th Street #15
Bremerton, Wa 98337
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     Natural, Effective

Holistic Medicine Treatment 

& Therapeutic Modalities

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Our treatment and therapeutic modalities address the root cause by 

targeting the immune, nervous systems and brain center to allow the body to balance itself. 

With our proven model of holistic care, we have helped hundreds of patients balance their health and heal from chronic issues. We address all levels of wellness, including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Our treatments are customized and may include Acupuncture, Nutrition, Herbal and Minerals, Mind Body Awareness, Meditation, Stretching, Sound and Color, Light Therapies.

To Request a Free Consultation,

Call us at (360) 362-1720

                 Why We're Effective

- We believe in Quality over Quantity. Treating one person each hour. This allows us to focus on your needs  for the best care possible.  Many other clinics will see 3-4 people, per hour and you never feel like you get the quality of care you deserve.

- We believe in patient Education and we offer a wide variety of classes and workshops for people to the maximum benefit in a number of ways.