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Seasonal Affect Disorder aka Seasonal Depression

Seasonal Affect Disorder is  a condition where people become depressed in the fall and winter months, with less exposure to natural sunlight. This is especially common in the Pacific Northwest.


In the clinic we have found time and time again that by focusing on the immune system, seasonal depression fades away and people become renewed with greater sense of purpose and vitality. 

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is a very common condition, which is when new mothers become very depressed following the birth of a child. Often it relates to excessive loss of blood during delivery, general weakness and fatigue and pre-disposed to mental health issues, like anxiety and depression.


Our treatments and therapies help these moms to feel like themselves again by strengthening the body's vital energy, balancing hormones and improving circulation, thus reducing the feeling of being overwhelmed, stress, anxiety and depression. Contact us to request a free consultation to learn more about how this may benefit you or someone you know.