About Acupuncture 


& Acu-Tonics (non needle vibration fork)

Acupuncture stimulates a neuro-endocrine response, which helps  balance the nervous system and can help regulate endocrine, immune, digestive function.   Acupuncture activates the vagus nerve and decreases inflammation, and stimulates healthy blood flow, which is essential in all health. 


Acupuncture is effective at  lowering cortisol,  the stress hormone, and reducing the  “Fight or Flight'' response. Thus,  balancing the neuro-endocrine system. Allowing sleep, mood, and energy levels to increase. Studies show acupuncture is helpful to reduce addictive behaviors and relieves opioid withdrawal. May be done in groups or privately.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is based on the understanding that balance holds the key to health and harmony, both within the body as well as in the natural world. 

By understanding the cycles (Seasons, Moon cycle, Breath) we may be in harmony with the movement of changes and the natural order of life.



We practice acupuncture, which is gentle and painfree, but also offer tuning fork vibrational therapies.  

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